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PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field at GenBiome

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a physical quantity produced by electrically charged objects. intensity, frequency and resonance.

The four core parameters defining the exposed signal structure of EMF are its waveform, field intensity, frequency and resonance. These 4 components must be carefully arranged in mutual balance (coherence) and introduced into the body to produce the optimum health-promoting effect, and at the same time to avoid negative effects. In nature, EMFs are everywhere (gravity, magnetism). With man made EMFs (non-native EMF), the exposed composition of the basic parameters differentiates whether an electromagnetic signal is harmful (e.g. cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, microwaves, power lines) or health-promoting via low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) designed for health care and wellbeing.

Think ‘frequency’

Just as our cells can be signalled to perform new and different functions by stimulation with chemicals (e.g., nutrients or drugs), they can also be signalled energetically with electromagnetic waves. In fact, some very desirable cellular functions are stimulated more robustly by energy than by chemistry. The healthy band width of electromagnetic frequencies is scientifically known. This range is called the “biological window.” As long as the frequency being delivered falls within this window it will confer benefit to the cell, via signalling uptake of nutrients, elimination of waste products of metabolism and overall cellular function.

PEMF from iMRS prime is designed to deliver the correct frequency patterns within the biological windows of health.

An analogy would be acoustic frequencies. Some sounds are too loud to enjoy, some are too soft to be heard. There is a tiny window of volume within, which creates a pleasant and even healthful, hearing experience. The same principle applies to electromagnetism. There are pleasant, healthful electromagnetic frequencies; others that are too soft to be assimilated or perceived by the body, and others that are so “loud” that the cells are negatively impacted by such signals. Those noxious and harmful signals are called electrosmog, or non-native EMF.

iMRS prime PEMF devices use 3 pairs of uninsulated, solid copper coils of varying amounts of windings to simulate the electromagnetic frequencies and intensities of the earth’s magnetic field. We know from nature that such frequencies are in harmony with health and well-being. Regular use of a whole-body applicator supports the elimination of stress molecules while encouraging greater oxygen supply, increasing circulation and enhancing whole body function at the cellular level. Focused use of PEMF (e.g. to a joint or body part that needs regenerative support) can also be performed separately or at the same time as the whole body mat plus brain entrainment.

To learn more about PEMF waveforms, field intensity, frequency and resonances, click here.

What about brain frequencies?

It has been understood for years that the human brain can be entrained or coerced into a brainwave phase by external stimuli such as light and sound.

For example, the brain of a person who has epilepsy can be entrained by a strobe light. A strobe light that resonates at the frequency of a seizure can entrain the brain and trigger a seizure. Conversely, yoga and other meditational practices can entrain the mind into a meditative state. The frequency of brain wave activity is altered according to the state of consciousness and state of mind during meditation. (1)

Researchers have observed increases of slow alpha in intermediate meditators, while advanced yoga meditators showed emergence of rhythmic theta waves. (2)

The brain generates all its five types of waves/ frequencies at various times of the day, no one wave is better than the other as they all have roles to play. The challenge comes when we cannot shift gears between them, ending up with an inability to slow down (e.g. insomnia) or inability to speed up (e.g concentration). A common occurrence is the inability of many people to get into or remain in alpha state which is central to creativity and calm. Distractions such as cell phone usage and scrolling destroys the creativity available in the alpha state. Constant exposure to technology trains our brains to be reactive, not creative. Another example is inability to gear down through the levels of brain activity to reach delta state, where healing and tissue regeneration takes place. When we go to bed and read for a few minutes, we are likely to go into low beta. Then when we put the book down, turn off the lights and close our eyes, our brain waves should descend from beta, to alpha, the theta and finally delta when we fall asleep. Insomnia is a situation where the brain activity is not able to shift gears.

The use of brain entrainment

Brain entrainment refers to the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation such as pulses of sound or light. When given a stimulation though the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a cortical evoked response. When presented with a rhythmic stimulus such a brain beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses.

The deliberate use of sound to modify the mind has been documented throughout history. Sounds from the Aboriginal didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowel, Native American flute, Tribal drum have been used as powerful tools of transforming the mind. Modern neuroscientists use audio entrainment to bring about these same binuaural beats and tones to induce super learning, memory improvement and creativity.

As for the use of light, photic stimulation uses constant repetitive light pulses to entrain the brain. This Is delivered by virtual reality goggles. Visual entrainment is considered more effective than audio since the visual cortex of the brain is larger than the auditory.

Using the combination of audio and visual stimulation simultaneously allows even greater portions of the brain to be entrained. The iMRS PEMF mat has a Exagon Brain device which combines rhythmic sound, light stimuli and colour in harmony with the biological organ clock to achieve the best possible brainwave entrainment. These healing frequencies helps to melt away stress, deepen the ability to relax, improve sleep, lift mood and gain more mental state balance. Overall, these effect are said to equal and even rival traditional meditation which is already scientifically proved to be a powerful tool for health. Regular use of the brain entrainment (or meditation) allows new neural pathways to form between the 2 hemispheres for cumulative and long term health benefits.

Brain entrainment benefits

  1. Deepens ability to relax
  2. Melts away stress
  3. Restores healthy sleep
  4. Synchronises both hemispheres of the brain
  5. Increases brain power and creativity
  6. Improves mood and emotional balance

PEMF brain entrainment iMRS prime system at GenBiome

Sessions are available for up to 30 minute sessions. People who are new to PEMF and brain entrainment wanting to experience alpha states of the mind are welcome to book in as desired and do not need specific discussion with a practitioner. However sensitive or unwell patients, or those requesting higher intensity PEMF should check with their practitioner to individualise treatment settings.

Please speak to one of our Patient Advocates to book. 1 session: $50 / 3 sessions: $142.50 (-5%) / 5 sessions: $225 (-10%) / 10 sessions: $400 (-20%)

(1) Bharadwaj I, Kulshrestha A. Effect of yogic intervention on blood pressure and alpha- EEG level of working women. Indian J Tradit Knowl 2013; 12:542-6

(2) Hardt JV. Alpha EEG feedback: Closer parallel with zen than with yoga. Biocybernaut Institute 1993;5:1-3.