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PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field at GenBiome*

Low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) designed for health care and wellbeing

PEMF brain entrainment iMRS prime system at GenBiome

Sessions are available for up to 30 minute sessions. People who are new to PEMF and brain entrainment wanting to experience alpha states of the mind are welcome to book in as desired and do not need specific discussion with a practitioner. However sensitive or unwell patients, or those requesting higher intensity PEMF should check with their practitioner to individualise treatment settings. Please speak to one of our Patient Advocates to book.

Brain entrainment benefits:

  1. Deepens ability to relax
  2. Melts away stress
  3. Restores healthy sleep
  4. Synchronises both hemispheres of the brain
  5. Increases brain power and creativity
  6. Improves mood and emotional balance

* for more details please refer to our website news section.