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Presentation to ARUP on environmental medicine and chemical exposures

12 April 2022: over lunchtime, Dr Christabelle Yeoh presented to approximately 70 staff members of ARUP Sydney as part of their corporate wellbeing regular events.

The title of the presentation was "Invisible enemies: important factors to consider in the pursuit of health and wellness in 2022!".
fter an introduction to what is enviornmental medicine, she covered themes such as the "Chemical Soup" in which we live, the ways we are exposed to chemical chemical and mould biotoxins and how they impact our metabolism, how they can trigger or contribute to a "cytokine storm", what we can do to mitigate our "Total Load" and support our mitochondrial function, the importance of and pathways for detoxing.

The feedback coming through was extremely positive and some of the engineers are going to apply what they have learnt to the “incubator skills network”, where they plan to consider how to address similar issues in design and the impact of the built environment more generally on human health.

About ARUP: For over 75 years, Arup has been recognised for its vision, talent and tenacity. Dedicated to sustainable development, the firm is a collective of 16,000 designers, advisors and experts working across 140 countries. "Founded to be both humane and excellent, we collaborate with our clients and partners using imagination, technology and rigour to shape a better world."