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Red and Infrared Light Therapy

Light and Circadian Biology. Blog from Nathan at IT'S NOW YOU

The next time you walk in nature, take a look around you at the colours. Greens, blues and browns are everywhere but Red is much more scares. Do you know why? It’s because nature’s favourite colour is red. In most natural sanctuaries, oceans, rainforests, national parks and tropical jungles red is a scares colour to spot. This is because nature makes use of as many red light photons it possibly can to power life. Would it surprise you to know that we may be the same also?

The therapeutic approaches involving red light include the powerful photobiomodulation or thermotherapy and low level laser therapy (LLLT). These are modern therapeutic approaches based around ancient wisdom which the tree in your front yard has been trying to share with you ever since you laid eyes on it. Red and infrared light have been used to assist with cancer, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular disorders to name just a few. If this has prompted any curiosity in you to learn more, you’ll love this blog!