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Research Participant wanted at Genbiome: Acupuncture for Chronic Asthma Patients*

Do you have chronic asthma issues that have persisted for more than 1 year and are currently managed through your General Practitioner (with an asthma action plan and asthma medications), but have been considering acupuncture as an adjunct support to your care?&a

Dr Hyonna Kang (Integrative Korean Medicine Practitioner) is conducting an Acupuncture research project for Asthma patients at GenBiome for her PhD (Science) program at the University of Technology Sydney.

Dr Kang is recruiting three patients for her patient-centric Asthma case study. There will be 24 free personalised acupuncture treatments, 2 times a week over a period of 12 consecutive weeks.

Research has confirmed that not all asthma is the same. People present with different trigger factors, inflammatory responses, and signs & symptoms. Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) recognises these differences as deriving from inherent physiological and psychological traits. ECM uses different acupuncture and dietary regimens to treat asthma on this basis.

Although this is research, the primary focus of your treatment is to help you with asthma control and address your health issues.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the project, please contact us on 0422 372 073 or

* For more information please refer to our website news section.