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Do all this for at least two weeks, while you are establishing a normal sleep rhythm. You can start to relax it once your sleep is better.

During the morning:
Spend time outside in sunshine
- Spend time in nature
- Exercise or move your body in a way you can tolerate

During the day:
- Don’t drink ANY caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate or cola) after midday
- Eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods, and avoid inflammatory foods
- Before the sun goes down, finish up using all electronic screens

At night:
- Avoid ALL alcohol, at least until sleep rhythms have normalised
- Avoid bright and white lights
- Establish and maintain a calming night-time routine
- Drink a calming herbal tea after dinner
- Don’t eat or drink too close to bed time, but don’t go to bed hungry
- Think about how many hours you have to sleep

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