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Useful resources & links to optimise your environment

These are indicative links only, by all means do your own research, as this field is constantly changing and there may be better or more cost effective products on the market.
GenBiome has no financial interest in and cannot guarantee these products.

We have categorised these products in the following sections:

1. Better Sleep & Better Light

2. Better Water

3. Better Food

4. Better Air (Mould and Water Damage)

5. Manage EMF

6. Gut Health and Detoxification

7. Safe Sun Exposure / Red Light Therapy / Infrared Saunas

8. Friendly Cleaning Products

9. Cold Thermogenesis

If you know of any other relevant products please let us know at:

1. Better Sleep & Better Light:

2. Better Water:

3. Better Food:

4. Better Air:

5. Manage EMF:

To Learn More:

  • Healthy Home Healthy Family- Nicole Bijlsma
  • Health at Home: Sustainable and Healthy Building and Living- Joachim Herrmann
  • Toxic: Heal your Body from Mould Toxicity, Lyme disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness- Neil Nathan (MD)

6. Gut Health and Detoxification:

7. Safe Sun Exposure / Red Light Therapy / Infrared Saunas:

  • Dminder App to track the sun and gives you vitamin D absorption information

8. Friendly Cleaning Products and Cosmetics:

9. Cold Thermogenesis: