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A Focus on Men's Health

Did you know, men are less likely than women to visit their GP when it comes to discussing their health concerns?

Some reasons for this may be:

- Being time poor due to work or personal commitments

- Adopting a mindset or cultural influence that men should be tough or independent

- Difficulties with discussing intimate or 'embarrassing' concerns

How we can help:

Here at Next Practice Sydney, the GPs strive to provide convenient appointments which are available via TeleHealth or at our centrally located CBD clinic. Pop in during your lunch break or in between meetings or schedule a video or phone call in the comfort of your home or office.

The friendly and passionate male and female GPs here are available to care for you with the belief that no issue is too difficult or embarrassing to speak to your doctor about, whether it is to discuss mental health, sexual health, general wellness, or investigate individual risk factors for disease development prevalent to men.

As men face unique health problems, it is important to schedule a health check with a doctor.

Book yours today.