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The Unknown

How the unknown can impact our mental health

The pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting everyone differently and this means some people may be feeling the impact more than others. It is important to know you are not alone.

Our mission is to create awareness around the impacts on mental wellbeing during periods of uncertainty and to provide discrete support where needed.

We encourage everyone to check in with loved ones regularly as some people may be suffering in silence more than others.

One thing is for sure, at this point in time there are a lot of unknowns. This feeling of uncertainty can manifest in feeling nervous and anxious as we sit and wait. It can be heightened by the need to isolate and adhere to social distancing measures.

This feeling can be compared to the uncomfortable feeling we experience when we are waiting to hear how we went in a recent exam, waiting to hear from a person we are dating, waiting to hear the outcome of a workplace change or waiting to hear the outcome of health related test results. All of these have a range of severity associated however our body still reacts with a similar response and ignites discomfort as a result of the unknown.

How we can support

At Next Practice Sydney we adopt a wrap around approach to care by supporting you on a pathway to acceptance, creating opportunity for enrichment during this time. We can help explore the comparison of waiting versus acceptance. Where waiting makes us helpless and acceptance gives us freedom.

You can start by seeing one of our GPs to explore how you are feeling and if eligible commence a mental health care plan which means you can receive Medicare rebates for Psychology Consultations.

Psychology Consultations can be had with Amrita Chawla, Psychologist.