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Are quick oats not as nutritious as rolled oats?

Quick oats (also known as instant oats or microwavable oats) are just as nutritious at traditional oats and are super convenient too!

To make quick oats, manufacturers simply roll wholegrain oats until they are thin, then steam and ground them into smaller pieces. This allows the oats to cook faster and gives them a smooth and creamy texture.

Both quick oats and traditional oats are rich in beta-glucan which helps to lower cholesterol absorption. The difference between the two types is that quick oats have a higher Glycaemic Index (GI) because they are more refined.

This doesn’t make them unhealthy but does mean that they are digested a lot easier than traditional oats. For an athlete or active person needing a quick energy boost, this is a great option. For a diabetic, traditional oats are a better option because they don’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Aside from their many health benefits, oats are a very versatile food. You can eat them warm as porridge in winter or cold as overnight oats as the weather warms up. For the perfect “on the run” summer breakfast, give the recipe below a go.

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