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Heel Pain - How can we help?

How the doctors in Next Practice Prahran can help you with your heel pain.

At Next Practice Prahran, we’re here for you.

Here for you in times of stress.

And here for you in times of illness.

Then, there’s the times where something is needling away at you, always there, making living your best life more difficult.

Something like heel pain.

What is heel pain? Well in Prahran the doctors have the medical knowledge to help you understand your heel pain and guide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Pretty soon your sore heel is no longer needling away each day sapping your zest for life.

When you suffer with a sore heel getting the correct diagnosis early will guide your treatment plan to give you the best outcomes. This is where the care team shines.

The doctors will conduct a thorough history and physical examination and refer for appropriate imaging (such as an ultrasound) will then guide you on the next step of the process.


Your heel pain might be due to plantar fasciitis or plantar fasciopathy. A common overload of a strong elastic tissue under the sole of our feet.

Or it could be a plantar fibroma, a thick growth of fibrous tissue.

Heel pain can also be due to bone stress, calcaneal stress fractures, and nerve entrapment. Sometimes locally (known as Baxter’s nerve entrapment) and sometimes proximally at the lower back referring pain all the way into your heel.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed by your Prahran doctor, you can then start your pathway to being pain free. This will often involve seeing a podiatrist or physiotherapist, some exercises, shoes or medication.

So if you’re losing the zest for life due to a nagging sore heel, come and see our doctors in Prahran to get you back to your best.

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Additional Information:

If you’re interested in learning more about specific types of heel pain our friends at PridePlus Health in Melbourne have produced lots of great, evidence based information. Start with this page on plantar fasciitis to learn more.