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Medicinal Cannabis – a natural alternative in chronic pain

For sufferers of chronic pain, the struggle to complete simple daily tasks is often overwhelming.

Conditions such as back, nerve and neck pain as well as arthritis and fibromyalgia can be debilitating, with sufferers bouncing between doctors and allied health practitioners trying to find a simple solution for a way of life where their pain is manageable. Often, quality of life is the most basic request for patients. Being able to do normal, routine tasks without experiencing pain is their biggest goal – without the reliance on strong pain medication that potentially have dangerous side effects.

While it is obviously important to understand the root cause of the pain, it is equally important to be aware of alternatives to addictive and damaging opioid treatments, such as medicinal cannabis (CBD and THC). There is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting it can be effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain, particularly for the most severe cases where other treatments have failed.

Discussing a holistic health plan with accredited doctors to deal with chronic pain conditions is the best way to understand how medicinal cannabis can be integrated into your care program. While cannabinoid therapy may not be for everyone, there are several ways that medicinal cannabis can play a part in rebuilding the quality of life for sufferers of chronic pain.

As expected, access to medicinal cannabis is highly regulated, with prescriptions being closely monitored and distribution limited to expert practitioners. Finding a doctor who truly understands your condition, as well as the best way to support your use of cannabinoid therapy is important. The team at Next Practice Prahran are focused on working with all patients to achieve optimal therapy and long-term health outcomes.

Get in touch today to learn how the team at Next Practice Prahran can assist your road to supported pain management.

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