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Dr Narelle Savage

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Children's health
Cancer Support
Emotional Wellbeing

"As each individual is multi-faceted in essence, health, wellbeing, meeting challenge, working through and healing is equally varied and complex. Genbiome supports the growth of independence and wellbeing in a nurturing and varied way, with a strong focus on integration and collaboration between different health modalities, medical science and the art of healing. I have observed over many years, that individuals with varied approaches sharing their understanding and support with others as a team is the way forward."

Narelle graduated from medicine at the University of Newcastle in 1999, with a medical science degree researching hearing loss in preschool children. She trained as GP in regional and rural NSW. Prior to medicine, Narelle was an early childhood teacher, a nurse, and shiatsu therapist.

She is passionate about medicine and therapy as an art and a science, in acute and chronic care, and the understanding of health, illness and wellbeing in the individual and humanity from eastern, European and traditional cultural and spiritual perspectives. The interconnectedness of understanding oneself as an individual human being in health, wellbeing, illness and challenge, underscores her approach to integrative health care of the individual of all ages.

Narelle has a special interest in children’s health and wellbeing and the changes through aging; supporting the cancer journey; palliative care; emotional wellbeing; acupuncture; low level laser therapy for pain and promotion of healing of tissues; clinical hypnotherapy, relaxation and meditation.

Dr Narelle Savage

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Integrative Medical Practitioner - BMed, BMedSc, FRACGP, Dip Clin Hypn, Dip East Th.