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Home Sleep Study now available at GenBiome

You probably have a good idea whether you sleep enough or too little. But do you know how good your sleep is?

Symptoms like snoring, teeth grinding, fatigue, headaches and jaw pain often point to poor quality sleep. This may lead to ongoing health and dental problems.

1 in 5 adults has mild sleep apnea
1 in 15 has moderate to severe sleep apnea (9% of middle aged women, 25% of middle aged men)
Even severe sleep apnea remains undiagnosed (75-80%)

The Equipment

We employ the latest Level 2 sleep technology providing hospital grade information at a lower cost. Home Sleep Studies may qualify for Medicare funding.
The equipment records a patient’s sleep patterns through a device about the same size as a mobile phone fitted over their t-shirt. The process is non-intrusive and respects the patient’s privacy.

Sleep Report

Using the latest scientific equipment, we record sleep patterns, analyse the data and arrange for a qualified sleep physician to include their clinical recommendations. Recordings are taken in a patient’s home.
A comprehensive report covers all the important factors, including sleep disturbances, breathing interruptions, irregular heart rhythms, leg movements and teeth grinding.

The reports and sleep physician recommendation are available within 2 weeks.

Appointment can be made with our osteopath and breathing specialist, Dr. Rosalba Courtney DO, PhD who can assess your breathing and airway to advise if functional breathing and oromyofunctional exercises may be helpful in addition to medical recommendations.

For referrals, please call us on 02 8311 2800 or book with our GP Dr Narelle Savage.

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