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as at 31 Jan 2022

Dr Richard Moore, integrative medical practitioner has joined the team last December from The Grove Bondi where he previously practised. In additional to his well-rounded knowledge as an integrative doctor, Richard is also a doctor in osteopathy, and practises neural therapy and acupuncture. He has a lot of experience in intravenous nutrients.

Dr Annabel Stuckey, will be resuming her clinics at GenBiome on Tuesday 1 February, after a period of sick leave. Dr Stuckey will now see patients via Telehealth or Face to Face.

Dr Rosalba Courtney, osteopath and breathing expert, will be resuming her Face to Face clinics at GenBiome from 16th February.

Giselle Cooke, our holistic health consultant and Western herbalist, will be practising via Telehealth only until further notice.

Ruth-Helen Camden, our psychologist and IST practitioner, has consolidated her clinic at Drummoyne and will not be offering sessions through GenBiome anymore. Ruth-Helen can be found at

Dr Hyonna Kang, our Integrative Korean Medicine Practitioner, will be discontinuing her clinic as of Tuesday 1st February until further notice, due to the current NSW health policy.

Fernanda Cavalari, TCM, hypnotherapist and counsellor, has moved to Brazil and is not offering her services at GenBiome anymore.

Dr Steve Mursa, our chiropractor, has moved to Newcastle, NSW and is not offering his services at GenBiome anymore. Steve has not yet resumed his clinics in Newcastle.