Dr Annabel Stuckey

Integrative Medical Practitioner (all consultations TELEHEALTH only)

  • Qualifications: MBBS
  • Available: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Special interests: Childhood and Adolescent Learning Disorders, Childhood and Adolescent Behavioural Disorders and Childhood and Adolescent Gut Disorders
"These are chronic disorders which require correction of nutritional deficits, removal of harmful allergens and toxins, detection and support of biochemical and immune function abnormalities. A large part of my treatment regime includes diet, nutrient therapy and anti-inflammatory measures as determined by a child’s history, physical examination and where necessary pathology testing."

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Dr Annabel Stuckey is a general practitioner with over 40 years medical experience with a strong interest in childhood and adolescent mental health. After graduating from UNSW (MBBS) in 1981 and performing her residency at Sydney Hospital, she travelled for much of the 1980s working in varied hospital settings from townships in South Africa to coastal Wales, UK.

Returning home to general practice, she developed an interest in childhood learning disorders and came to understand the ‘gut brain connection’ linking health, nutrition and mental function.

She has performed over ten years training with Dr. William Walsh (Pfeiffer Centre Chicago) and the Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs.

Her clinical focus includes:

  • Learning disorders - Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders.
  • Behavioural disorders – OCD ODD Anxiety Anger Emotional Dysregulation.
  • Gut disorders – dysbiosis, constipation, food allergies and parasitic infections.

Dr. Stuckey is also a founder and current board member of Woodbury, an ABA school for autistic children and Ruben’s Place, an early intervention centre for autistic children.

At Integrative medical consultations with Dr Annabel Stuckey, for Medicare rebates to be eligible, you need to have had one face to face appointment in the past 12 months and your child needs to be present at the appointment (whether face to face or via telehealth).

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