Dr Giselle Cooke, PhD

Holistic Health Consultant, Herbal Medicine - Thursdays Face-to-face or Telehealth, Wednesdays and Fridays Telehealth only

  • Qualifications: MBBS, DBM, PhD.
  • Available: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Special interests: The Microbiome, Epigenetic Medicine, Men's Health, Woman's Health, Hormones and Fertility
"My approach to medicine and healing is quite fundamental. Informed by the tenets of ancient holistic therapeutic traditions, bringing to this wisdom emerging current scientific research, I help my patients to explore their health challenges and design individually-tailored wellness programs to help them to live at their best every day. Modern living can bring with it great complexity, which requires a comprehensive therapeutic approach for managing dis-ease today. The art of the holistic approach is to deliver a treatment solution, which can address a range of often-related health challenges with a simple and sustainable recovery plan. In my consultations I will usually address health fundamentals such as achieving optimal nutrition and hydration, essential daily movement and exercise, enjoyment of social and creative activities, living in a clean and harmonious environment and getting enough restorative sleep. I have always found that integrative teamwork, such as is offered at Genbiome, can deliver far more impressive outcomes than with the care of a single practitioner. Our bodies and minds are exquisitely designed and need to be fastidiously maintained to achieve peak performance. The holistic health consultant can offer you guidance to make the best choices in every moment for your entire wellbeing and sanity."

Please note, Giselle Cooke is available on Thursdays for face-to-face or Telehealth. Fridays are Telehealth only.

Giselle Cooke has practised holistic & integrative medicine in Australia since graduating from the University of NSW in Medicine and Surgery in 1979. She expanded upon her medical training with postgraduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Ayurveda and mind-body medicine. Giselle founded the multidisciplinary clinic, Pymble Grove Health Centre in 1989, opened The Modern Apothecary herbal dispensary & teahouse in 2003, and her adjacent holistic health practice, Health Alchemy, the following year.

Giselle now works as a holistic health consultant, specialising in wellness medicine, optimal ageing and epigenetic interventions. She does not practice as a medical doctor. Her current research-based clinical focus is on the human microbiome and metabolome and its far-reaching impacts on our health. She is currently undertaking PhD research at The University of Sydney into male infertility and its relationship to the emerging field of the human microbiome.


Amongst her political activities Giselle has served in an advisory capacity to government committees on complementary and alternative medicine over two decades. She served on the founding executive of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association, was convener of Health Network Australia and spokesperson for the Complementary Health Care Council.

Giselle offers free explorer / discovery 15 min sessions over the phone, book through the appointments below.

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