Naomi Lees

Functional Health Coach

  • Qualifications: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, BA Com. (Finance & Marketing), Level 3 Group Exercise Instructor, Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling (Cand.)
  • Available: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Special interests: Chronic Disease Management, Coaching, Adventure Therapy and Retreat Facilitation
"I am thrilled to be a member of the GenBiome team. GenBiome is at the forefront of a fundamental shift happening in the world of medicine today. Genbiome views the body as one unique integrated system and seeks to identify root cause of symptoms and promote healing that supports mind, body and spirit as a whole. This is the future of healthcare - available right now."

Naomi is a passionate Health Coach dedicated to supporting the journey from chronic and mystery illness to health.
As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I see a person as a whole, encompassing mind, body and spirit. Having had my own health battle I want to help liberate others from the “traps” of illness. In embracing the Functional Medicine approach to disease I learned just how out of balance my body was and worked my way back to health with adjustments to diet, lifestyle and supplementation to address my imbalances and deficiencies. With the care of a Functional Medicine Doctor and Health Coach I experienced the power of diet, lifestyle, and mindset on health.
Everyone’s story is different and we are all beautifully unique. I believe no one needs to feel alone. The journey to health is one we all take in our own time. Change is always available.
I create a supportive environment that enables you to explore, articulate and achieve the goals you set for yourself.
I draw on my experience, education and 18+ years in the fitness industry to best work with clients. All of which has taught me to respect the individuality of every client. I want clients to feel empowered and confident to move forward with the belief that we all have more control over our health than we think.
When not being an uber driver for my kids, you will find me in nature with my family, sharing a laugh, yoga, jogging or hitting the surf. Friends and whole foods are just a few of my favourite things.

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