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Telehealth- your questions answered

Telehealth is your line of support at home. Whether you are self isolating or unable to visit in person.

No need to leave your home- we are here for you no matter where you are.

General consults, script refills, mental health and more.

At Next Practice Sydney, we can facilitate consultations over the phone or via video through our end to end Telehealth solution.

Making your experience more convenient

Never has it been easier to manage your health. When you book online a video link is sent to you via your confirmation email. You can also access this link by booking through the Next Practice App alongside the appointment details.

Your demographic details are optionally collected during the booking process and payment for the appointment can be collected during the booking process.

For the month of June, there are no out of pockets cost for general GP Telehealth appointment*.
This excludes telehealth consults with Dr Lyn Tendek and telehealth psychology consults.

The Next Practice App allows for a seamless Telehealth experience complete with HealthKit integration, patient letters, instructions or action items, education articles, invoices and more.

The Next Patient App can automatically collect a patient's blood pressure and weight readings from an Apple Health Kit compatible device. This includes Withins, FitBit and Omron among others. Thereby allowing you to stay on top these metrics in between consultations.

For more information feel free to call our friendly Patient Advocates on 02 8311 3580 or Book Now at

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