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What is a Patient Advocate?

Good question and one we love to answer!

At Next Practice, we've ditched the old-style waiting room and instead built a 'Living Room' experience where patients can feel at home and more relaxed.

This means we have also abolished the traditional reception desk and the huge barrier it can sometimes create between a patient and a personalised, caring experience.

What’s more, due to efficiencies through the technology, the core role of a ‘receptionist’ such as answering phone calls and making appointments is no longer required.

With the Patient Advocates no longer stuck behind the desk, they are free to ensure each patient receives seamless and supportive care with a focus on health outcomes. Think of it as your very own concierge experience.

A core element to a Patient Advocate's role is to now manage the flow in the Living Room space as well as carry out pre and post consults with patients. They are also there to help with self-check-in through the digital on-boarding system as well as help with getting new patients all set up on the app.

The hybrid role means that as well as welcoming patients and providing customer service excellence they can also provide clinical support if clinically qualified to do so (e.g. Enrolled Nurse, Allied Health Professional). This achieves a balance between supporting each patient as they travel through the New Kind of patient flow, creating efficiencies for doctors and encouraging the use of Next Practice features for improved patient health outcomes.