Test Result

At Next Practice Newstead, our reception team do not have the ability to advise patients of their test results over phone or email.

Our clinic policy for results are as follows:

  • All results are reviewed by your doctor
  • Your doctor will advise our team if your results:
    • Require a follow up doctor appointment to discuss the results.
    • Require an urgent doctor appointment to discuss the results.
    • If your results are normal and do not show anything that is concerning to the GP, you will not normally be contacted.
      However, you may be able to ask your GP when they order the tests if they can arrange for you to be sent a copy of your results once they come in and are normal.

Requesting a copy of your test results:

After your results have been reviewed by your doctor, and require no further action, you can obtain a copy of your results as follows:

Requesting a copy of your test results

Next Practice App Download

Request for your pathology/radiology results to be released to the Next Practice App (please note, you need to have downloaded the Next Practice app first, and have your account linked to the app in order to receive tests results).

My Health Record

Your pathology results should automatically be available to you 7 days after your tests have been finalised, via My Health Record and the MyHealth app. Please note that only pathology results are available via My Health Record.

Doctor Consult

If the Next Practice App or My Health App is not suitable, please book a Telehealth or face to face consultation with your GP to obtain your results. Please note, a fee applies to all GP consultations.

Normal results:

At Next Practice Newstead, all normal results, not requiring a follow up appointment can be requested to be released via the Next Practice App.

A copy of your test results are never released without the result first being reviewed by your Doctor.

Test results that require a follow up consultation:

If your doctor requires a follow up appointment to discuss your results, our team will contact you to arrange this appointment. A fee will apply to this consultation.

For any questions on the above process, please reach out to our friendly Patient Advocate team on (07) 3518 7880 or newstead.pa@nextpracticehealth.com

Please note:

  • Most radiology reports (such as an x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI) and ECG reports are sent to us within 48 hours to 72 hours.
  • Most blood test results are sent to us within 72 hours, however some test may take up to fourteen days.
  • Urine test results are usually sent to us within three to five working days.
  • Faeces test results are usually sent to us within five to seven working days.
  • Flu swab results are usually sent to us within three to five working days, but they can take a few days longer during peak flu season.
  • Fungal analysis results usually take one week for a preliminary result, and four weeks for the final result.
  • Pap-smear results can take up to four weeks.