Services offered by each healthcare professional vary but will include

General Practice

Our doctors at Next Practice Newstead participate in all aspects of general medicine and believe in developing relationships with patients and their families. We strive for a high quality of care in all areas, and work alongside patients to assist them in reaching their health goals and needs.

Women's Health

We have a number of doctors who take a special interest in women’s health, particularly our female doctors. This includes sexual and reproductive health, fertility, contraception, prenatal and postnatal care, and cervical screening. To book an appointment, you can visit Dr Christine Slater, Dr Marija Lugonja, Dr Daryna Rudolph or Dr Amanda Cuss.

Breast Health Checks

Dr Amanda Cuss runs a comprehensive breast health clinic at Next Practice Newstead and offers breast health check ups as well as breast implant checks.

Men's Health

We believe in the importance of men’s health, and we have doctors who specialise in the treatment of men’s health issues such as mental health, reproductive and sexual health, prostate screening and all other areas of general medicine. To book an appointment today please visit Dr Wesley Chan and Dr Tristan Nguyen.

Paediatric and Childhood Health Care

Your child's health is the foundation of all growth and development. We offer support on prenatal care, newborn care and feeding, infant and childhood immunisations, guidance on sleep issues, parental mental health and everyday childhood health. We bulk bill children under 5 years of age. Book an appointment with Dr Amanda Cuss, Dr Daryna Rudolph or Dr Marija Lugonja today; who hold special interests in paediatric and childhood health.

Small Procedures

We have a modern treatment room to assist with procedures such as minor accident/emergency care, ingrown toenail removal, iron infusions, implanon insertion/removal, dressings and wound care. To book an appointment with a nurse, please call us on 07 3518 7880.

Mental Health

We recognise the importance in mental health care, especially in today’s society. All of our doctors are trained in managing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. Dr Lauren Prictor is a registered Focussed Psychological Strategies Provider, which enables her to help her patients with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Mental Health Care Plans

Creating a mental health care plan gives you and your doctor the opportunity to formally outline how you’ve been feeling, what your needs are and what results you would like. It also gives your doctor an opportunity to refer you on to an appropriate treatment or support service. Our doctors can design a Mental Health Care plan, allowing patients to access a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions with a psychologist.


We offer immunisations for patients of all ages. We have stock of government scheduled vaccines and private vaccines. We also administer flu vaccines and travel vaccinations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to speak to a Patient Advocate or Nurse.

Skin Checks

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in our warm state, and we want to help our patient stay safe in the sun! We offer skin checks to new and existing patients. Dr Wesley Chan has a special interest in skin cancer management and offer skin checks, mole removal, skin biopsies, cryotherapy and skin excisions. Dr Daryna Rudolph and Dr Amanda Cuss also specialise in skin checks.

Health Assessments

We believe strongly in preventative health, and in regular check-ups to best foresee any future health problems. We offer bulk billed health assessments for existing patients in the eligible age groups. If you are over 40, you may be eligible. If you would like to book a health assessment, please call one of our patient advocates on 07 3518 7880.

Chronic Disease Management

All of our GPs are trained in the management of chronic (long term) health conditions. These conditions include (but are not limited to) high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, emphysema, arthritis, osteoporosis, long term back pain and many others. We offer bulk billed Chronic Disease Management Plans for existing and eligible patients. Our clinic also offers an in house Physiotherapist who can be included as part of a patient's management plan.

Pathology Onsite

4Cyte Pathology


Existing patients have the option to book a Telehealth appointment. We offer phone and video Telehealth consultations. Fees for Telehealth are the same as the regular in person appointment.

Work Cover, Insurance and Legal Reports

We can complete current or new workers compensation claims. We also offer insurance and legal reports as per request.

Pre Employment Medicals

Our experienced General Practitioners and Allied Health team provide A New Kind of care tailored to your organisation and workforce. Our corporate health professionals offer pre employment medicals, corporate and executive health and wellness services, insurance medicals and work place injury management and workcover.

Corporate and Executive Health and Wellness

Our team can develop a tailored corporate and executive health and wellness service that can include the following: an annual check up with skin check, weight and chronic disease optimisation, mental health and preventative health, well person screening and fitness programs, health and wellbeing programs, flu and travel vaccinations, Covid-19 return to work health assessments, cardiovascular and respiratory fitness assessment with cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Contact our team at 07 3518 7880 to find out more.

Weight Management Consultations

Our doctors specialise in weight management consultations for new and existing patients. Our weight management consultations allow our doctors to perform a thorough assessment of a patients current health, existing medical conditions, family history, medications and lifestyle factors.

Our doctors may request further investigation, such as a blood test, to help identify any potential underlying causes of your weight gain. They will work with you to administer the safest and most appropriate treatment plan that will maximise your weight management success.


Our physiotherapist Zak Storey uses a number of treatment techniques including dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques and joint mobilisations to name a few. All of Zak’s sessions are one on one, and at each visit Zak will assess your concerns and provide an explanation of your injury. He provide hands-on treatment and gives personalised exercises to assist in self-management at home. Zak’s sessions can be combined with a GP health care plan, and he is also a Medibank ‘Members Choice Provider’. You can also visit ActiveForm Physiotherapy to learn more about Zak's services.


Our GPs and allied health team are all DVA service providers. We offer CVC plans for eligible veteran card holders. We are committed to providing comprehensive health care to our ADF veterans.

Cosmetic Services

Dr Wesley Chan is an expert in the field of Cosmetic Medicine, and focuses heavily on advanced aesthetic techniques and treatments. Using cutting edge techniques, he is a leader in non invasive aesthetic procedures and is one of the few cosmetic doctors in Queensland to offer ultrasound guided injections as part of his cosmetic treatments, to enhance the safety of injectable treatments and improve results.

Iron Infusion Clinic

Our Doctors and team of nurses at Next Practice Newstead specialise in intravenous iron infusions. Our state-of-the art clinic holds your health and safety as a priority. To book an appointment with one of our doctors click here. Or give us a call on (07) 3518 7880.

Sexual Health & LGBTQ+ Health

Our clinic is an LGBTQ+ safe space and we are committed to providing an environment that is safe and inclusive for people of all sexual orientations, sex and gender identities.

IUD Insertion/Removal and Contraceptive Implants

Some doctors at this clinic are also trained in implanon and subcutaneous IUD insertion and removal. To book an appointment, you can visit Dr Christine Slater, Dr Marija Lugonja, Dr Daryna Rudolph or Dr Amanda Cuss.

Antenatal Shared Care Provider

Dr Marija Lugonja is a registered Antenatal Shared Care Provider (ANSC), allowing her to provide the same level of care a woman would receive in a standard antenatal clinic. The aim of an ANSC provider is to provide pregnant women with flexibility, choice and continuity of care through pregnancy, and afterwards. Seeing an ANSC provider at Next Practice Newstead lessens the inconvenience of traveling to the hospital and sometimes having to wait for lengthy periods in the Antenatal Clinic. If you would like Dr. Lugonja to be your ANSC provider during pregnancy, you can book an appointment here.

Registered Psychologist

Vanessa Elliott is available for bookings, please click here for more information.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Marie Benton is a registered clinical hypnotherapist. To find out more information, click here.