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Meet Zak Storey, Physiotherapist

About Zak

Zak Storey began his career with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Queensland. During several years of working as a registered nurse, he discovered the overwhelming benefits of physiotherapy, and completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University. Since then he has adopted a hands-on approach to physiotherapy. By working in partnership with his patients, he aims to quickly identify and treat the issue at hand, as well as implementing change to support a full and long lasting recovery.

Zak uses a number of treatment techniques including dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques (such as massage and stretches) as well as joint mobilisations to name a few. He regularly treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions from head to toe, but also has a special interest in neck, headache and migraine pain. Outside of work Zak enjoys yoga, having a meal out with friends and a slow walk with his lazy greyhound Judy.

What to expect in a Physiotherapy Consultation

At each visit Zak will assess your concerns and provide an explanation of your injury. He provides hands-on treatment and gives personalised exercises to assist in self-management at home.

All sessions are one-on-one. This means you will have his full attention for your entire consult. Zak’s aim is to get you pain free once again, but to also provide you with the individualised tools required to self-manage and take control of your journey.

As physiotherapists, we have a large “toolbox” of treatment techniques available to us. All patients, from children to athletes to the elderly, can benefit from physiotherapy. If a treatment technique hasn’t worked for you before, there are still plenty to try!

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