Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services

Meet our Exercise Physiologist: Harley McIntyre

Harley is the principal Exercise Physiologist at Next Practice Newstead. Offering a high level of support across a wide range of specialisations, Harley provides expert exercise interventions for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury and persons at high-risk of developing, or with existing chronic and complex medical conditions.

Passionate about helping his clients harness the medicinal benefits of exercise, starting Active Matters was a natural progression. With a background in personal training and one-on-one strength and conditioning for high level athletes, Harley brings an evidence based coaching approach to rehabilitation and performance.

Meet Zak Storey, Physiotherapist

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University, Zak has adopted a hands on approach to physiotherapy. By working in partnership with his patients he not only aims to swiftly identify and treat the issue at hand, but to also help implement change that supports full and long lasting recovery.

Zak uses a number of treatment techniques including dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques and joint mobilisations to name a few