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Retreat facilitators

NEXT LEVEL RETREAT, 27th - 31st Oct 2023, Crackenback, Snowy Mountains

Nathan Siles

Nathan is Australia’s most knowledgeable and well-rounded foundational health specialist. He has been immersed in the field of quantum biology since 2016. He is a 2 time cancer survivor by age 24 in 2016. He has thrived in his health journey based on Foundational Health Principles, and wishes to share these with the world!

Nathan will teach you to see life from a fully informed mitochondriac’s eyes! Submerge in the light, water and magnetism of nature and life.

Helen Padarin

Helen is a naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and author and has been in clinical practice since 2001. Helen is passionate about conscious living, real food, vital health and empowering individuals, families and organisations to find the joy in being well.

Helen will guide you to understand the physical and follow the intuitive nature of your gut, your food choices and managing inflammation. Learn to reframe your bodys experiences through a somatic lens.

Ryan Barraclough

Ryan is passionate about living in harmony with the natural and innate rhythm of life's design. Through his exploration and ongoing study of movement, earth based living, Tantric Yoga, natural medicines & Self inquiry, Ryan offers practices that invite participants to an embodied and empowered experience of the moment.

Ryan will support you through a deep internal dive to explore your beliefs, connection and relationship to loving safety. You will be invited to understand where you are avoiding wellness and supported in the steps for reclamation.

Marlies Zoll

Marlies Zoll is a registered Psychologist who combines counselling with elements of psychotherapy and energetic healing. She has a holistic and eclectic approach and incorporates meditation into her work. With her care, empathy and resourcefulness she installs hope in situations of overwhelm and helps to facilitate change.

Marlies will guide you with laughter, with movement and conscious awareness to help you gain a greater awareness of yourself and your body.

Naomi Lees

Naomi is an energetic and wonderfully warm health coach dedicated to our patients' journey from chronic and mystery illness to health. Naomi will help you live your best life!

I want us to feel empowered and confident to move forward with the belief that we all have more control over our health than we think.

Christabelle Yeoh

Medical Director and Integrative Medical Practitioner at GenBiome, Christabelle is curious and passionate about the incredible multitude of hierarchies in the body and loves the supportive detective work to take people through this journey.

Through understanding chemistry, biophysics and energetic systems in the body- there are many ways to heal!

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