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Welcoming Dr. Niranjala Nandakumar

We welcome to the Next Practice WSIH team, Dr. Niranjala Nandakumar!

Dr. Niranjala Nandakumar is our General Practitioner at WSIH. She has a special interest in Cancer Survivorship Care and PCOS / Women's Health.

Niranjala believes that taking care of health and wellbeing are an important aspect of everyone's life journey. Anyone can begin focusing on their health at any point in their life and progress towards achieving their goals. As a general practitioner, Niranjala welcomes the idea of empowering people to raise their awareness of health and wellness to inspire them to take initiatives in improving their health through knowledge , skills and abilities with the necessary professional care.

Appointments are available from Thursdays 9:00am to 2:30pm.

If you would like to book please see one of our friendly patient advocates or visit