Lewis Miller

Patient Advocate

"“Next Practice is inclusive and welcoming, and is specifically designed to make patients comfortable. I am excited to work in an environment which is so considerate and is innovative in its use of technology, helping clinicians provide a comprehensive and holistic patient experience.”"

Lewis is an avid academic, currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) at the Australian National University, majoring in Astrophysics and specialising in Advanced Physics. He has grown up around medicine and healthcare, making his work with the Next Practice team all the more interesting. Lewis enjoys interacting with new people from a variety of personal backgrounds and has a welcoming demeanour which he values as a Patient Advocate at Next Practice.

When he isn’t working, Lewis has a particular interest in sports such as basketball, as well as music. He has played guitar since he was 6 and over time has learnt to play a host of other instruments, from bagpipes to clarinet to double bass.

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