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Alina Porojan ND

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Naturopathic neuro-endocrino-immunology
Clinical detoxification
Healthy ageing

“I am very happy to have found a progressive practice such as Next Practice - GenBiome. Here it is possible to collaborate with like-minded professionals and contribute my knowledge and expertise to the common goal of empowering people. I am excited to be part of this highly professional team and assist our clients to activate their already existing potential for optimal health, wellness and success.”

Alina’s passion for natural medicine and the trust in the body’s ability to self-heal has led her through a broad academic and multicultural pathway, studying and working as an integrative naturopath in Europe, Asia and Australia for the past nearly twenty years. Between clinical practice, and teaching at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Alina has cultivated a number of modalities which address physical, metabolic, mental, bio-energetic, emotional and psycho-spiritual factors which impact on a person's health condition. She is specialising in naturopathic neuro-endocrino-immunology, addressing primarily women's health, gut-brain health, clinical detoxification, immunological dysregulations and pain management.

Alina explores the individuals’ health status through her unique way of interpreting and synthesizing results obtained from functional pathology tests, naturopathic assessments, bio-energetic scanning of mind-body patterns, and genetic testing. She formulates these into a personalised treatment protocol. This has a particular way of supporting the client’s internal environment, using methodologies from bioregulatory medicine, herbal medicine and energy medicine.

The emotional support Alina offers is primarily through an energy psychology modality called PSYCH-K, based on a set of simple self-empowering techniques that help change beliefs and perceptions at a subconscious level. This process helps clients transform limiting beliefs and emotional blockages related to conflict events, traumas, or self-sabotage patterns in relation to physiological ailments, and the fundamental effect that these have on a person’s ability to heal and their response to treatment. She aims at facilitating an internal system, which integrates at a subconscious level, the information about a clients’ particular condition and re-aligns them to their core health and wellness values. This protocol impacts a person’s epigenetic response by creating a biochemical reaction within the body which results in a more integrated response to the treatments provided.

Ultimately, connecting biology, psychology and spirituality, creates a healthy inner and outer environment, with the real possibility of being the best version of who you really are, remembering that essentially we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Alina is a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)

Alina Porojan ND

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Integrative Naturopath - BHSc & BNat (Hons), DipHMed (Denmark)