Meet Chloe Lyons

BHSc (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine), BBus (Mgt)

"I am excited to be part of the team at Next Practice GenBiome and believe that this is the way forward for healthcare. An integrated holistic approach where people feel heard, supported and really cared for by an amazing diverse team of health professionals."

Chloe understands the power of small changes making a big difference whether it be nutritional, physical, spiritual or emotional.

Chloe attained a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine in 2018. Chloe is also a qualified yoga teacher having completed her training in India in 2015 and incorporates this into her everyday life.

As a nutritionist Chloe believes in the power of food and nutrients to support and heal the body. Chloe’s caring nature assists her patients on their health journey. Working with their individual needs from the beginning with education. Listening and guiding them on their path to a healthy life.

Chloe understands the impacts our diet and lifestyle have on us and enjoys helping her patients to implement and grow with new holistic practices and rituals that suit them.

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