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Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, BA



Gut health

Emotional Wellbeing

Nervous System

“I believe what we first need as patient is to feel cared for. Looking at someone beyond the disease; showing curiosity and interest in their lifestyle and individual story: that is where the process of healing starts. GenBiome provides this safe space for patients to land and feel supported by a team of practitioners who sees the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. I feel honoured to be part of a team that works at improving and changing the way we look at health and dysfunctions, and by doing so, is creating a ripple effect to transform the healthcare system.”

Once-upon-a-time a state level gymnast and gymnastic coach, French-Canadian born Geneviève Couture landed in Australia in 2012, after completing a Bachelor in Communication Studies at the University of Montreal. After many years in the tourism and hospitality industry, she began to formalise her lifelong passion for health in 2016, enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC) and completing her certification as a Health Coach a year later.

During that same time, her passion for Chinese medicine guided her to study the Five Elements Acupressure, a modality in which she completed her Level 1-2 and 3 under the supervision of teacher and practitioner John Kirkwood. Added to that the completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Tantra Hatha yoga and a certificate in Gut Health with IIN, and you get in Geneviève a Patient Advocate and Health Coach with a broad vision and holistic approach to health.

Through mindfulness and dietary and lifestyle changes, I truly believe we can create new pathways and guide the body back to balance. One of my teacher used to say “A flower will naturally lean towards the sun.” It is a good thing to remember and to focus on when the journey becomes challenging. Somewhere, somehow, every cells wants to thrive and knows how to do it. I want to empower people in their healing journey and help them putting some trust back in their own health and body.

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