Meet Dr Stephen Mursa (chiropractor)

Chiropractor - BMedSci (Medical Science), M.C.Chiropractic



Applied Kinesiologist

Laser Therapist

Life Coach

Steve has been a practitioner for 22 years. He has worked in multiple clinics both here in Australia, UK and Europe, in both the natural health and the medical space.

Steve’s passion is for integrative healthcare and sees this model of holistic therapies alongside conventional medical therapies as the future of medicine. He set up, owned, managed, and was head practitioner of one of Sydney’s first and largest integrative clinics for 10 years; Optimum Health Essentials.

One of Steve’s strengths is he knows what it is like to be a patient and has walked the talk on many occasions, having lost and kept off 35kg, recovered from a broken back and has recently recovered from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CIRS.

He has a strong interest interconnectedness of the mind, structure, ecosystem and biochemistry of the body. He works with a wide range of conditions of the mind body and gut.

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