Meet Sylvie Perera

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, IST practitioner - BSc (Acupuncture), PGDip (Oriental Herbal Medicine), BSc (Psychology), MSc (Ergonomics)

Fertility, pregnancy & children


Chronic disease management

"I love the way nurturing is embedded into GenBiome's ethos and biome at multiple levels. The gardens, the treatment space, the team spirit, all support us to care and nourish our patients to the best of our abilities. I'm passionate about raising the bar in healthcare and know that's a core principle of GenBiome."

Sylvie trained in acupuncture in the UK and China, as well as Inner Space Techniques (IST) in Europe, USA and Australia. She began her practice in 2006 in Harley Street, London before relocating to Sydney in 2013. Her other strong interests include working with fertility, bereavement and supporting people affected by cancer.

With her caring nature, Sylvie is an expert in the most sensitive of issues, including complex diseases and chronic illness. She uses techniques that strengthen the natural mechanisms of the body on physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual levels.

Sylvie is skilled in using acupuncture to affect one’s mood and nervous system, enhancing the body’s overall function. She commonly sees how people with digestive problems are anxious and depressed about eating and helps to uncover hidden barriers that impact the best of intentions and attempts to improve biomedical dysfunctions.

Sylvie is registered with AHPRA and Member of ATMS and IICT.

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