Patient Advocate

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics/Arts
  • Languages: Spanish
"Next Practice GenBiome is an incredible runway for me as I commence what I hope to be a long career in the inspiring field of integrative medicine. Next Practice GenBiome is miles ahead of the fundamental shift we are seeing in healthcare as the world wakes up; it is the future and I am passionate about its growth as an avenue for achieving more sustainable health outcomes."

Kate grew up in Melbourne and the UK and is is a recent graduate of ANU studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Through personal experience she has discovered the world of integrative medicine and developed a keen interest in understanding its nuances and making it better known; be that through policy or through practice.

Kate’s experience with patient-practitioner relations and her warm and empathetic nature inspire her to enhance both the communications between our patients and practitioners as well as the overall patient experience.

Kate hopes to learn all she can in her role so she can further contribute to this emerging field.

Gen Biome Kate Dow