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Our Chiropractors Top 7 Most Effective Stretches

Discover our Chiropractor Anthony’s top 7 stretches for better pain-free mobility.

But firstly, some important cues to know…

  • Hold each passive stretch for 2 minutes.
  • Best performed after resistance training to solidify ranges of motion achieved in the session.
  • Do not perform passive stretching before resistance training as it is counterproductive to preparing the joints and muscles for training and can increase the chance of injury.
  • It is important to engage in regular mobility and strength training for best results in improving full body mobility.

The stretches:

  1. Forward fold (lower back and complete posterior chain stretch)
  2. Bench dip (anterior shoulder and chest stretch)
  3. Couch stretch (hip flexor and quadriceps stretch)
  4. Bench pigeon (glute stretch)
  5. Assisted middle split – use paralettes to hold yourself in position (adductor and medial hamstring stretch)
  6. Anterior line stretch (complete anterior chain stretch)
  7. Anterior Ankle Stretch (anterior leg and ankle stretch)

If mobility or posture are a concern of yours, please feel free to consult with our Chiropractor Dr. Anthony Vallelonga.