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Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is all too common in modern society. It can affect just about anyone, regardless of the occupation or sport that they enjoy. Let’s dive into some rehab exercises for a common diagnosis seen in healthcare – Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain or RCRSP for short.

Rehab for the shoulder should be functional, not fancy. When addressing dysfunction and injury to the rotator cuff muscles, it is more important to focus on the shoulder complex, rather than on the individual muscles that support/move the shoulder.

Train movements that are functional to the individual. Movements they will use in their everyday life. Build up complete shoulder capability and resilience through training all the shoulder movements. As always, start with movements that are tolerable and progress the difficulty/load as they become easier. Where you start will be dependent on the patient’s irritability level at the time of presentation. When irritability levels are high, start with exercises that are high in control and low in technicality.

Here are some excellent exercises that can be included in a shoulder rehab program amongst many others:

1. Single Arm Bent Over Row – a versatile exercise for building posterior shoulder and back strength.
2. Banded Shoulder Row + External Rotation - Good bang-for-buck for the rotator cuff.
3. Banded Lateral Raise - great for strengthening abduction at the shoulder which is an essential movement in everyday life.

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