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Meet Loren Chambers

Meet Loren Chambers, our Dietitian!

Loren Chambers is both a qualified Nutritionist and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Loren has held positions working with AFL and VFL teams as well as athletes at the Victorian Institute of Sport. She also has many years of experience in private practice working with clients to achieve optimal health.

Loren provides individualised dietary advice, based on personal goals and nutrition requirements; whilst offering ongoing guidance, motivation and support. Loren enjoys working with a wide variety of people, especially diabetes and weight management clients. She also has a strong interest in the field of Sports Nutrition and finds the effect of food on enhancing performance extremely fascinating.

“I believe that healthy eating is not about dieting or depriving yourself of your favourite foods. It is about eating everything in moderation. I work with a non-diet weight management approach which supports eating in an individually tailored way that recognises every person’s unique needs.”

Bookings can be made online or by calling our friendly Patient Advocates on 9067 7400.