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Meet Osteopath John Smartt

John Smartt is one of our osteopaths here at Next Practice - GenBiome. He is passionate about helping people and finding the root cause of what is going on. His upbeat attitude, determination and dedication to his patients are valuable assets to the team.

Osteopathy is a complex form of manual therapy that embraces the concept of the bodies own innate healing ability and works towards supporting the body in that process. It is a hands on approach to treat the cause of the dysfunction of the bodies systems. Various methods of treatment and diagnosis are used to suit the individual being treated.

John is focussed on helping people with challenging conditions; he aims to look for the causes of ill health whilst thinking about the connections throughout the body, freeing up constrictions that stop things working well and working with the complexity of each individual.

To book an appointment with John visit the booking section of the website or speak to one of our Patient Advocates.

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